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Lowest Priced Products Shopping Tips

Wouldn't it be nice to find Black Friday and Cyber Monday prices everyday. Much has to do with being at the right place at the right time. With a little ingenuity, advanced planning and the right web apps and widgets you can do just that. How? 

Your first step toward frugal shopping is knowing exactly what you want and need.That means taking the time to consider what's most important to you in a product. Consider how the product will best serve you. The features that would be most useful to you. Consider how you use similar products you already have and ways to improve it's design and output for more convenient or skillful handling and performance. 

Overall you want to give thought to the following preferences: Color, texture, feel, handling, versatility, quality, power and performance. And of course the price your budget can handle compared to the list price and lowest price available.

How To Find The Lowest and Cyber Monday Prices Everyday

Check out early releases of black friday and cyber monday sales ads in your Sunday paper and those issued online. Pinterest is a good place to start for advanced postings of Cyber Monday flyers and ad sale media. 

Online Shopping Networks are drastically reducing prices too, so check the ads on search engines as well as Google Shopping and Yahoo Shopping.

When looking for the lowest bargain price on a product the amount the item has been reduced to is only half the battle. The first and most important thing you need to know is the list price. No, not just the store list price, but more importantly the manufacturers list price. Next you want to find out what the general pricing per store is, then you'll know if your getting the absolute lowest price on that product. That said, it's best to take a store by store price comparison analysis such as that displayed at Shopping Networks. As an object lesson note the example for the book Fimark's Family Reunion Planner Keepsake. . 

Notice that not all prices for the book are the same. A closer look reveals the reason for the difference in pricing. It may be that the item being sold is new in one store while another store is reselling a used book in mint condition. In addition the cost of shipping may or may not be added to the price. The shipping cost may be lower in one store compared to the other. The lesson here is to always consider what's behind the price and that all options are available to you to lower it. What do we mean?

Some stores offer free shipping. In addition store coupons may be available. Store like amazon will give you a gift card or free product if you spend a certain amount of money in addition to the savings in sale price.

Cyber Monday Everyday Price Finder Apps

Locating the lowest price available can be a time consuming venture. But there is a way to maneuver through the maze of stores and cut through the pricing jungle using apps and widgets that do much of the work for you. Three such apps are...

Let's say you're in a store and notice a low list price for a given product. You want to know if others stores have the same product at an even lower price. Simply open your price finder app add the zip code of your location or allow the app to find you and then scan the barcode of the product in question. 

The app will search stores in your area and display a list of local stores selling the product along with the list price and sales price. Some apps will allow you to connect to the store and order the product for immediate delivery or have it held for pickup. It's that simple. As mentioned above you should take the time to apply for a store card as many stores require you zip a store card to take advantage of store sales.

Black Friday Everyday Shopping List Widgets

Many shoppers have never considered using a shopping list widget. But there are many of them online in the form of a listmania or wish list. An whatever items you wish from the featured store or shopping network
Here are a few examples. 

Listmania: Black Friday Everyday Shopping List 

Wish lists: Sometimes taking the time to put together a wishlist featuring the lowest prices you've seen online is the way to go about forming a checklist of items to shop for when the time is right. Add items from any store found in your browser. The checklist automatically links to it and the image. Share it, sends it and access it from your smartphone. Here is an example of a wishlist.

Cyber Monday Everyday Shopping Budget Checklist Price Comparison Calculator

A good application for shopping is one that allows you to establish a budget, create a list of items you want, check list prices, find bargains, calculate the cost and and stick to your budget. There a little web app that can help you do all of that. Shopping Budget Checklist Maker  also called the Price Comparison Calculator. web app.

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